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If you're tired of food that's been cold-stored, has travelled long food miles and looks perfect but tastes of nothing, then this is your place. Our nutrient-rich fruit and veg is organic, farm fresh and picked the day it's delivered to you. So you can eat as naturally as possible, just like we do!

Important information: The Coronavirus and Hartley Harvest

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis the demand on me and our local farmers has effected supplies. Unfortunately to meet the additional costs and demands we will have to increase the prices on our boxes. You will not be able to customise your own box. We are trying to keep the price rise to an minimum but in the week prices of produce has doubled and tripled. We truly understand everyone is feeling the effects of the fluid situation. We also ask for some understanding as this is out of our control and try not to take your frustrations out on Hartley Harvest. We are still delivering and are staying well.

So to meet the needs of our existing customers and those who are now climbing on board for our service there will be no longer customised boxes We are doing this as we cannot guarantee certain produce selected and the prices climb daily and the situation is out of our control.

Egg Pricing

We have been holding our prices but now cannot so Half dozen $5.00 Dozen $10.00

Box Pricing

To minimise the increase in costs to our boxes eggs will need to be purchased as a separate item.

There will no longer be swap out of items.

  • Minimum box $35.00 no eggs. Local fruit and veg to the value of $35.00
  • Medium box $50.00 no eggs Local fruit and veg to the value of $50.00
  • Medium box 6 eggs $50.00 no eggs Local veg and 6 eggs to the value of $50.00
  • Family box $80.00 no eggs Local fruit and veg to the value of $80.00
  • Mixed fruit Box $40.00 to the value of local fruit $40.00

If you want more veg than fruit can you please put in the special instruction or visa a versa.

We will be in contact with all our customers that have put orders in to our system to discuss since Friday. . We have been trying to confront the issues of produce pricing and supply and we at Hartley Harvest consider that this is the best measure at these present horrible times. We need to stay healthy so that we can continue with our home deliveries.

If you do have some questions you can email denise@hartleyharvest.com.au

Whats in the boxes

Seasonal fruit and Veg This means the staples: Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions, mushrooms , carrots zuchinni, cucumber and the seasonal fruit.Different items will be swapped in and out depending on price and availability. Asian greens and lettuce are on the way back . Currently there is apples and pears and nectarines. However the nectarines are coming to an end.Bananas are about the hit $10.00 a kilo and Cauliflower $15.00 each. Celery went from $5.00 to $15.00 in a week. I will be putting in the box a price list so you will know where your dollars are going. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS WHO HAS STUCK BY US FROM THE BEGINNING. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. A BIG WELCOME TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE RETURNED AND ARE NEW. WE HOPE YOU KEEP OUR SERVICE WHEN LIFE RETURNS TO SOMEWHAT NORMAL.


Because of the health restrictions over THE VIRUS we have decided to close the farm to all visits for the future. We hope to re open the farm once things return to the so called normal.


We are now delivering Tuesday to Friday . Please dont ask for a weekend delivery as we need time on the Farm to grow the produce.

Local Markets

Due to THE VIRUS all markets have been shut. This was a very important contact with our customers. We do miss you.

We are very sorry having to come to this and write this email. We have battled the drought, the fire, the flood and now this.


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